The Retail Academy ist überall dort, wo kreativer Wissenstransfer Raum findet. Entsprechend den Inhalten und der Konzeption des Themas wählt die Akademie ihre Orte immer wieder neu. So eröffnet sie Gesprächsflächen an ausgewählten Locations. Ob Industrieloft, Kunstsalon oder historisches Gemäuer – die Orte fördern Kreativität und Offenheit im Denken. Sie vermitteln Anspruch und Individualität. Sie bringen den Gästen und Teilnehmern Wertschätzung und Inspiration entgegen.

Stiftung Zollverein
Bullmannaue 11
45327 Essen http://www.zollverein.de

From the small workshop to the press conference to the conference with workgroups and fora: Zollverein offers suitable rooms for (almost) every occasion. Each one has its very own characteristic feel. There are halls which have retained much of their original character and rooms with perfect audio, lighting and film studio technology.

This location has an unmistakable magic atmosphere. The very distinct spirit of Zollverein is characterised by magnificent architecture, the sense of history, the charm of the ever ubiquitous industrial nature and today’s significance as a centre for design, culture and creative industries.

The most beautiful coal mine in the world – in the style of New Objectivity.

Zollverein was not only the largest mine in the Ruhr, it was also described as the “most beautiful coal mine in the world”. Kept architecturally in the style of New Objectivity, both the individual buildings and their layout over the area are dominated by strict symmetry. The buildings run in parallel lines and form two axes crossing at right angles. In the centre of the first, the production axis, the 55-metre-high two-legged tower, the headframe, stands out. At the end of the second, the supply axis, stood the 106-metre-high chimney of the boiler house, which had to be demolished in 1981. The design vocabulary is objective, reduced and aesthetic. Uniform red brick facades in the steel framework define the image. Shaft XII is understood as an entirety, as a monument. The plant therefore absolutely matches the representational requirements at the time of its owner, Vereinigten Stahlwerke AG, which was the largest coal, iron and steel group in Europe.

Photo: © Thomas Willemsen / Stiftung Zollverein